Our Vision in Hosting

The Begining

In 2018, after repeatedly visiting Athens I searched for the perfect place that would be my home in this
vibrant city.

The Building

When I came across this residential building in Pangrati area of the interwar period with the stylistic touches of the Art Deco past, like the two different erkers (*), the protrusions with the protruding windows and
the covered solid balconies or the curved ocean-going balconies and the Art Deco blue-green doors, I knew that I had found my shelter in this city and I immediately felt that I wanted to share with others.

The Location

As the location in “Hilton area-Pangrati” perfectly suits to the needs of a business and leisure traveller, its proximity to the most central important sight-seeing spots in Athens and the lively neighborhood with numerous bars and restaurants persuaded me that I had the chance to make an accommodation complex capable to meet all the needs of an urban modern traveller.

Our Aim

The nearly two year long process of re-designing and renovating the building, was maybe the most productive period of my life. This was achieved together with a priceless team of people that visualized with me a contemporary facilities accommodation building with 9 spacious apartments, keeping the elements of nobility and class and highlighting the unique style of this late -30’s architectural achievement of the brilliant architect of that period.

The Challenge

Almost everything was a new experience for us: The challenge to divide a three properties building onto 9 independent boutique apartments with their own luxury bathrooms and kitchens, the colors pallet, the choice to keep both the old art-deco glass and iron central doors, the materials, the furniture …

Summer of 2020

Today, at summer of 2020 our place in central Athens is ready to host the travelers from all over the world providing them a relaxed accommodation in private apartments to start and finish their day with style and comfort.

Bentzi Boutique Apartments

“Bentzi… Boutique Apartments” are made for anyone who would like to savor a complete comfortable stay in brand new fully renovated one-, two- or three- spaces apartments with all the essential elements that they need.

You, you just have to bring only your open heart and spirit along with your best mood to enjoy the Perfect Stay in the city that never sleeps!

I. Bentzioni
Owner of Bentzi… Boutique Apartments